The Selecter ft Pauline Brown

The newly relaunched Selecter , featuring original vocalists Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson .
You can’t take your eyes off them when they’re on stage . The anarchic passion that
fuelled Selecter gigs during the 2 Tone era , when they toured with The Specials and Madness at the peak of their early fame is still there , except the pair seem more driven
than ever . Their confidence is sky-high and they’re also writing the best songs of their
career, which is saying something given the enduring popularity of hits like
"Three Minute Hero" , "Missing Words" and "On My Radio" .

In true 2 Tone tradition , the present line-up is emblematic of multiculturalism ; there are four black and four white members , with other ethnicities bubbling under the surface .
The music they make is still rooted in ska , punk and reggae , except they now have a horn section and this fills out their sound magnificently . The quirky melodies and social commentaries remain , yet this is a band that’s more concerned with staying relevant than looking backwards .

the selecter with pauline black

festival of legends in spain