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SPANDAU BALLET tribute band

spandau ballet impersonators

This band have established themselves as one of the most exciting
and accurate tribute bands on the UK scene !  
Lee James (Lead Vocals) originally formed the band back in 2005
and has actually performed alongside Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley
on two occasions !
One of those occasions was on BBC’s The One Show !
Over the years the band have travelled the world taking the music
of Spandau Ballet to multiple countries and have impressed so much
that they have gained great praise and the ultimate backing from not
only Spandau Ballet themselves , but also just as importantly the
fans of Spandau Ballet !
These very same fans now travel all over the country to see them perform
their amazing recreation of the new romantic trailblazers , with classic
'80s tunes such as:
"Gold" , "Through The Barricades" , "Highly Strung" , "True" ,
"To Cut A Long Story Short" , "Musclebound" , "Chant No1" ,
"Communication" , "Lifeline" , and many more ......

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