PEARL JAM tribute band
Pearl Jam UK are a Liverpool based tribute to Pearl Jam consisting of five friends who all share a genuine love and respect for one of the greatest and most influential American rock bands of all time.

Driven by an attention to detail that is second to none, the band spend hours on end listening to recordings by Pearl Jam, working out the most minute of details contained within the music,
watching hour after hour of live footage to ensure that the Pearl Jam experience is recreated with
100% accuracy – and no compromise.

pearl jam tribute bands

The band also perfectly recreates that distinctive 90’s era “grunge” look that became synonymous with Pearl Jam, with corduroy jackets, flannel shirts, shorts and Doc Martens aplenty.

In short, Pearl Jam UK makes you feel like you are watching
Pearl Jam.

"Who You Are" , "Better Man" , "Daughter" , "Dissident" ,
"Given To Fly" , "Nothing As It Seems" , "Last Kiss" ,
"I Am Mine" , "Given To Fly" , and more including great covers
from Pearl Jam concerts of songs from the likes of The Who
and Neil Young .

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