Boney M

The original vocals , in the style you remember them , featuring the original Boney M vocalist Sheyla Bonnick .
As you know, this popular group underwent repeated changes in the composition of its participants, and virtually every one of them has been on tour with his own musicians,
playing the hit songs of Boney M .
Not all the music they performed was really similar to the original hits of the world-famous band , but Sheyla offers you a real band Boney M group , with the songs delivered by one of the original vocalists of Boney M .

boney m ft sheyla bonnick

All the worldwide smash hit songs feature in
the show :
"Brown Girl In The Ring" , Daddy Cool" ,
"The Rivers Of Babylon" , "Rasputin" ,
"Ma Baker" , " "Painter Man" ,
"It's A Holi Holiday" ,Sunny" ,
"Gotta Go Home" , " and more ..........

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