The New Amen Corner

The New Amen Corner continue to be one of the most popular bands on the '60s circuit , and still tour all over Europe , playing to packed houses .
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair if you are going to a New Amen Corner
concert because you’ll soon be in a “Summer of Love” mood !

Their music is full of that "feel good factor" , and The New Amen Corner have emerged
in the last couple of years as the hottest band on the 60’s circuit because of their ability
to recreate so perfectly the sound and atmosphere of that era .
Their power house live show has made them one of the most exciting bands in the
UK today .
Period clothing, authentic equipment and with the band encouraging their fans to don
'60’s attire , their shows really breath life back into what must be music’s most prolific decade ,the 1960’s .

Their vocal harmonies are superb , and their stage show is highly polished , including the original Amen Corner hits , "Bend Me , Shape Me" , "High In The Sky" and of course the massive hit "If Paradise Is Half As Nice" .

the new amen corner

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